BPLabWin Software

BPLab software is intended for functional diagnostics of cardiovascular system, based on 24- hours blood pressure (BP) ambulatory monitoring data. BPLab software is designed for mutual operation with ambulatory 24-hour BP monitor (ABPM) and fulfils the following main tasks:

  • Preparation of the monitor for measurements (downloading the monitoring schedule);
  • Data transfer from BP monitor to the computer after monitoring termination;
  • Analysis of 24-hour monitoring data and report printing.
  • Cardiologic and angiologic screening tests in steady-state conditions with BP monitor permanently connected to PC.

BPLab software for Windows allows the choice between Russian, Ukrainian, German and English languages. Limited support of Arabian is also available.

The complete report includes:

  • summary table containing a full statistic analysis
  • maximum and minimum indices chart
  • BP, pulse rate dependence from the time period
  • full chart with all the measurement data
  • pressure load analysis results
  • morning dynamics indices
  • chronobiological analysis results
  • correlated analysis results

The tab "summary table" of test window

The tab "24-hour trend"

"Analysis" tab of test window

The tab "Cosinor analysis"


The purpose of BPCompare program is to compare two tests files, created during BP monitoring during different time periods. Comparison results are displayed in the form of graphs and tables. Test comparison allows to examine pathology process dynamics and estimate treatment efficiency.

Tab "Statistics" of data comparison window

Tab "Hourly averages" of data comparison window

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