Holter System and Blood Pressure Monitor (ECG+BP)

We invite holter system manufacturers to explore the opportunity of strategic OEM-partnership in order to introduce new bifunctional complexes using the 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor BPLab®.

We offer the unique opportunity to perfect your products without additional costs for manufacturing the 24h blood pressure monitor.

Differences between independently used Holter system and 24/48h blood pressure monitor and a bifunctional (ECG+BP) complex:

Independent Holter system and Blood pressure monitor Bifunctional (ECG+BP) complex
Usually two independent programmes are used.
As a result two reports are formed:

1. ECG-monitoring report with typical for Holter systems RR and ST segments;
2. BP-monitoring report with mean BP values, time indexes for hypertension and hypotension, square index under the BP-curve, values of variability.
Single software is used.

Single report is formed.

User receives united picture with all rates: RR and ST segments + various BP indices.
It is also possible to programme BP monitor using the interface of Holter software.

Single report of bifunctional (ECG + BP) complex

We are looking forward to our successful cooperation!

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